20 year old Aussie athlete looking for female basketball league

Kellie Krave

Mar 27, 2009
hey all...

new girl here in Buenos Aires. (Palermo, near to parks). played basketball back home in Perth, Australia (my team won the WA State Championship last year).

looking to get involved in local female basketball league or even just some local pick up games would be fun and a good way to keep fit.



I'm neither a 20 year old female athlete, nor do I play basketball (anymore). But here's the Buenos Aires female sports scoop.

The Top Female Sports in Argentina Are:

1) Field Hockey
2) Field Hockey
3) Field Hockey
4) Field Hockey
5) Field Hockey
6) Field Hockey
7) Tennis
8) Field Hockey
9) Volleyball
10) Field Hockey

*Honorable Mention for the RICH... Polo.

You might have real trouble finding a game in Buenos Aires and the idea of co-ed sports hasn't really taken hold here.


I met a 23 year old American girl who was going to play VOLLEYBALL at an UBA gym near/at the Universidad de Ciudad area (near Parque Norte, across the highway from the River Plate stadium).

This was a TUESDAY NIGHT and it seemed like she probably had to get there around 8:00PM.

You might try finding out through some of the universities if they have teams or if they know of leagues. I think that it's going to be really difficult finding a game, so you're really going to have to look for one.

good luck and welcome to BsAs