25 year old interested in a roommate


Jan 16, 2010
Hi guys,

I'm a polite, fun, 25 year old Canadian coming to Buenos Aires and hoping to find a nice comfy place in Palermo. By day I will be working from home (unless I find coffee shops more suitable) and exploring BsAs. Come night time I'll do some barhopping as I do enjoy going out for drinks, but there will be plenty of nights where I stay inside and watch movies as well. I'm a computer nerd but social and have a good sense of humour. I enjoy art, paint canvases, murals, take lots of photos, and can't wait to learn Spanish.

I'm landing and have no problem living by myself but figured if I could find someone who I seem to share interests with and get along with it'd be awesome to have someone around for idle interaction, after all moving to another Country solo is a pretty big change.

I'm quiet and keep to myself, have traveled before, and have been considered a good roommate by past-/ex-roomies.

I'm not looking for a friend, just a roommate, so you don't need to worry about me getting clingy or dramatic, but at the same time it'd be awesome if we got along and wanted to hang out and spend time together, which is very possible since we won't know people down there. I'm open to staying with young guys, gals, couples and single professionals alike.

You're young and enjoy the outdoors, meeting people, are sociable and are looking to immerse yourself in BsAs local life. Laid back, positive, and wanting to learn Spanish (or know some, even better!)

The Plan:
My plan is to go down for three months, so we could agree to stay one month together and decide if we want to keep that living condition, or find our own ways, or find another place together once we've found our way around the city a bit more. I arrive February 17, and leave May 17.

The Place:
I'm hoping to find a spot in Palermo and most of all just want a laid back roommate who's clean, does their part to keep the place looking decent, and isn't going to bring 20 people back to the place every night at 4am night at the bar, and has the money to pay rent on time, no drama.

The place I'm looking for is humble and has character, is safe, clean, but no need to be newly reno'd or too nice. To give you an idea, I was looking at Studio/1 Bedrooms in the $600 range by myself. Let's save money and room together for a bit! Shoot me a PM, we have plenty of time to sit back, look for places, discuss, and wait for the right place to come along.

Kind regards,


Absolute lastly, as much as we all like to pretend we're open minded, you want to make sure who you're dealing with is not a creep and not a freak. I'm neither...

I'm second from the left:

Far right:

The male:
Hola Chris,

I am also Canadian and I have been living in Palermo Soho for three months. Although I don't need a roomate, I'd be happy to help you with any questions you may have about the city. ([email protected])

Ciao, Jenna
...yeah, looking for an apartment in this city is proving to be a bitch. I am in your same situation, & finding an apartment in groups is the most affordable route. It can also be the most fun, depending on who you room with. If your interested in sharing an apartment let me know. I just began to work in the city so I am looking. Try compartodepto.com, couchsurfing.com, spareroomsba.com, etc. Whatever happens, you'll have a blast in BsAs. Just be careful with all the pickpockets in subtes. Later.
Hiya Chris. I'm desperatly looking for a roomates in Palermo as well... I have several options but realized I should find roomates first (I sure don't want to live with someone who enjoys walking around naked in the living room)...
So, I'll introduce myself: My name is Estibaliz and I'm Mexican 23 year girl, which means I speak fluent spanish and know how to cook fantastic meals! I love music (as in good music, of course), art, design, flamenco dancing, reading and travelling.
I'll be studying some subjects on textile design in the Palermo University so I'll be bussy during the week, but hopefully, free from time to time to travel around Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. I'm also into the barhopping and the casual homestay so that's good as well...
I suppose I'm a pleasant person to live with: clean, responsible, cooperative, tolerant and extremely outgoing and most importantly, I am not a creep nor a freak. I'm arriving on the 17 of february as well, so if you are intrested or have any questions, don't hesitate and send me a message: [email protected]

hey chris,
My name is Katie and I've been bouncing back and forth between living and studying in Buenos Aires and Atlanta for about two years now, usually meeting up with friends along the way but this time I'm going at it alone. I plan on arriving March 1st which is a bit after you I know but having a roommate would be ideal. I'm 21 years old and I'll be studying Spanish at the UB for two months. If you still need a roommate I'm down.
email me: [email protected]