26M UK -> Argentina

Mira Vos!

Its very subjective.

I would not advise to travel for sake of traveling if you are broke. For a few months in my life, I hosted some guests from "Couch surfing" ( that is - host broke people for free) . I was devastated to see how broke they were..they did not have money to eat a single meal but wanted to travel. Almost all of them were in age group 20-28

People are in a big hurry for instant gratification.The 20's are formative years to toil hard and make your base strong especially, if you from a humble family...Its not the time to travel all around the world - broke - without a single dime in the pocket. if youhave heard about the famous "marshmallow test" for kids - If you want immediately - you get one..if you wait 1 hour - you get two marshmellows. It was found the ones who delayed gratification went on to do 10 times better in career and financial status than those other kids.

The worst I have seen is Caucasians from from Finland, Denmark etc sitting on streets on Bangkok begging for money with a note "Finance my world travel..its my dream". WTF..How dare you leave your first world country, arrive in a 3rd world country and beg the middle class there to finance your travel!

Its also funny how these broke people from 1st world countries are allowed to travel and beg in 3rd world countries. While the rich from 3rd world countries and weak passports have to go through the whole tedious rigamarole of applying for a visa for many of these countries.
I would recommend $2,000 a month (USD) of steady income for younger travelers (18-30) who don’t have money saved up ahead of time. Doesn’t mean you have to save, but your quality of life shouldn’t be decreasing if you are going from first world to third world and have access to USD