4 th of July Celebration


Jun 30, 2008
If you like-
BBQ chicken ( KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce )
potato/macaroni salad and cole slaw ( made with REAL mayonaise )
Bushs baked beans, corn on the cobb, apple pie w/ ice cream,the finest Italian coffee in the city ( Illy ), large selection of Domestic & imported beers and the top liquor shelf in the City along with great music, dancing, televised sports & fun people. Then Casa Bar may be worth your while.
This Friday Casa Bar celebrates the 4th of July Buenos Aires style.
Casa Bar 1150 Rodriquez Pena ( doors open @ 8 till very, very late )
mi casa es mi casa, pero son bienvenido
Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans and Happy Friday to my fellow citizens of the world.
Happy 4th of July to you too. Too bad we can't round up enough Americans together here to have a REAL AMERICAN BBQ, with fireworks, beers, and all. =)
Quoting "Mike1": ". . . . Too bad we can't round up enough Americans . . . to have . . . fireworks . . . ."
Can we private persons shoot off fireworks in the city? I'd guess not!
They do it all the time during protests. This is not the US and we're firing our guns in the air, you know? I'm pretty sure if we're REALLY worried about it, we could obtain a permit for it through the city. Well... if we have it planned a bit ahead, too late now.