4th of July in Bs. As.


Jun 30, 2009
Hi you all, I arrived to Bs. As. last week and would like to know if there are any Independence Day celebrations happening in town. If not, should we plan something? Please shoot me an e-mail with your availability/thoughts. Thx
Tourist2008 said:
Actually, Independence Day is 9th July .... :)

Thanks, I will be celebrating the Argentina Independence Day as well. Besos, Let
Just got the email below....:(

Due to the influenza epidemic, DAA's 4th of July celebrations with Puertas Abiertas at ICANA have been canceled.
We regret any inconvenience and wish you a safe and healthy holiday.
Yanqui Mike Skowronek
Democrats Abroad Argentina
Sugar in palermo is having a 4th of july party - starting at 7 i think? lots of americans and some non americans too. I have only been there once, I went for election night and its a small place so it got really busy quickly. Dont know what the crowd will be like for 4th of july, but it might be worth checking it out. have fun!
Bianca said:
Thanks for the link! We're planning on going to the 4th of July Pub Crawl, sounds like a blast! :)

Sounds good but I didn´t find any address or exact time to meet.
Anybody know all this?