a good price?


Feb 7, 2006
hello all,
i'm new to buenos aires, and i'm in the process of finding a decent place to live. i've looked around on this site and on clarin.com and on craigslist, and i've managed to find a place in palermo viejo for $600 pesos a month...this is one small, furnished room in a shared apartment. it's an older apartment, but in pretty good shape and on a nice street. there is no lease and i can stay as long as i want. i haven't been able to do much better while searching online. i'm wondering if those of you who have been here for a while think this is a fair price...a few porteños have told me it's too high, but they haven't really been able to give me any alternatives other than a hotel familiar or something reuqiring a guarantia and a long, binding lease. so...any advice? will i be able to do much better?
Sounds OK to me. You are talking PESOS. It is very hard to impossible to get a place without a co-signer unless you pay in dollars - usually at least u$s 500.
I think it's a good price. you did not mention if you have any +s like internet, etc... so I guess you do not. it's still ok. i know people who live in shared houses or departments and pay 400 $us por month!!! recommended by schools where they learn spanish.
I think that you were a little late in answering this one lud but regarding finding a place without having a guarantia: I rent at local rates and I have no such thing as a guarantia, I do however pay 6 months in advance every 6 months. Even though I must admit that this is the first apartment that I have rented here in Argentina I sincerely doubt that the claim that it's very hard to impossible to get a place without a co-signer is correct since it was relatively easy for me.