A Great Flete


Jul 27, 2006
I finally found a flete mediano: medium size truck...big enough to move a refrigerator, washing machine, bookcase, bed, dresser, desk, etc. (together in one trip) that I can recommend.

It's Hamarlea Fletes. The owner/driver is Pablo and he is from Uruguay.

He lived in the US for six years and speaks a little English. As he's not a Porteno I understood every word he said to me in Spanish!

He did not charge me a "foreigner" price ($85 pesos for a FULL load from Recoleta to Belgrano and that included 18% commission for the agency. If you contact him directly the price will be lower.) He actually arrived 30 minutes early, so be sure to tell him the exact time you want him to arrive.

His cell phone number is 15-6622-9730.

Tell him you heard about him from me.
I'm sorry, but I have to withdraw my endorsement of Pablo. He pulled back to back no-shows yesterday with me and another expat. Fortunately, ONTRACK FLETES provided a truck and an extra man on very short notice (not bad for the last Saturday of the month when so many moves are in progress) Their number is 4115-2340/41.
Steve, do you have any current recommendations for fletes? I find myself in the position to move in the next few days... I don't have too much stuff, just two suitcases and a box or two, but I do have a 2 plaza bed that I want to take with me. Any advice much appreciated!
Call German (Herman) 15-3127-1972. He has a Renault van and works out of Belgrano/Devoto . He recently moved a queen size bed for me (without box springs). He speaks perfect English. You can call him late as he usually works the night desk for Remises Belgrano Mon-Fri from 11PM to 7AM.
I do have a boxspring... think it would fit or do you have another guy with a bigger truck?

Or I could sell the bed. Anyone interested? I just bought it last month for 1,000 pesos, will sell for $700... very firm, queen. I'll even throw in the sheets!
Actually, the bed he moved for me had a platform and since then he moved the GNC tank from the inside of the van, so I think it would be OK. I suggest you call him and tell him what you have to move.
Well I am finally, fully moved. I contacted Herman last week and he was very nice and even agreed to work on a Sunday. I explained that I had just a few suitcases/boxes but also a large bed. He said, no problem I'll bring my brother. 50 pesos including subir y bajar which is a steal - definitely not a gringo price.

An hour before our appointment on Sunday he called to say his truck wasn't working and there wasn't an open mechanic but he had a friend who could do it, only problem was my bed wouldn't fit. He must have apologized 10 times and I said, no biggie send your friend, we'll move everything but the bed and then you can come later this week just for the bed. This ended up working out nicely so I could unpack everything else and deal with the bed later.

We arranged to meet last night to do the bed transfer. He got a flat tire on the way over and was 45 minutes late but very apologetic. Also, he did not bring his brother to help so that translated into me lugging the bed up 6 flights of stairs with him. A little exercise could do me good so I didn't complain but it wasn't what I was expecting.

Overall he was very friendly and professional and I would recommend him. Just make sure that if you need him to bring an ayudante you are very clear about it!