A happy customer...


I had a pretty good look around for decent and affordable Spanish lessons and after five weeks sifting through a multitude of mediocrity I found a small school recommended in this forum - it is by far the best Spanish instruction I have received and I wanted to say thanks to jenr for sharing.

jenr; said:
I would also recommend private lessons or UBA if you want classes. Most private schools change teachers and students every Monday, so there is little continuity and the quality varies by week. I have a great teacher through spanishclassbuenosaires.com. I've studied spanish 8 years so have had lots of experience with different teachers, including at harvard and university of granada in spain, and she is the best i've had.


Lee said:
I am sorta interested however...in the school with the half dressed drunk girl! :)

That sounds more my style (yes I am gay but a party is a party)! :)
Where do I sign up?!