A new book explores grand plans for BA public housing

Ordering it today. Right up my alley.
So I got this book in the mail today, and its really interesting. Bonet was an architect with a unusual history, working with Le Corbusier, Sert in Barcelona, and Ferrari here in BA. I love his Ateleiers de Artistas, on Paraguay and Suipacha, its a wonderful building.
And I am very happy that the three projects this book describes were never built- each was a massive urban renewal project, which would have devastated an entire neighborhood.
One was in La Boca, another would have demolished pretty much all of San Telmo as we know it, and the third was up in Belgrano. All were grossly oversized for the barrios.
All three were political projects of failing governments- one from Peron, two from Military juntas, and none understood the amazing urban fabric of Buenos Aires.
But the book is great, and covers history, politics, urban planning, architecture, and more.
I recommend it.