A tiny miracle!!!!!!


Sep 26, 2007
So, most of us have had bad experiences when trying to open a bank account. I have temporary residency and CUIL but no DNI and no utility bills in my name. I went to the microcentro central branches for HSBC and Citibank. Citibank was going to open it for me but they required either a phone, electric, gas, water or ABL bill on my name for address verification. HSBC also needed a bill and also the "contancia de DNI en trámite". They didn't accept my certificado de domicilio even though it was the same address that is shown in my residencia precaria by immigrations.

I brought my passport, CUIL, certificado de domicilio, residencia precaria and contancia del AFIP which confirms I'm working for a company and I was able to open a savings account in pesos and dollars at Banco Itaú branch # 006, the address is Viamonte 1601.

If u have other questions let me know.
By next week I should be able to receive my paycheck right into my savings account. I'll let u guys know how it goes.