Nov 6, 2009
Anyone know where I can find Acidophilus supplement here in Buenos Aires?

I have not seen it....I have a freind mail me my supplements when they get low...

Check with the larger Dietetica Shops...some have supplements...and might be your best bet for information at the very least....I have also seen supplements at Selma Pharmacy's and also Zona Vital..but not specfically acidophilus.

There is a liquid drink they sell at most grocery stores, maybe someone here knows the name, white small 6 pack containers, in the frig area where they sell yogurt, if i am understanding the TV commercials right it "might" contain acidophilus...or the cultures.

Also, there is a very nice yogurt that may have the active cultures's in a glass squaty jar and comes in plan no sugar, plan w/sugar and then a selection w/different fruits. Jumbo's, Disco, most small Mom and Pop stores carry it...Sorry don't remember the name...have even seen it at some of the Dietetica Stores.

Hope this is of some help...

Did some digging and had this link saved...looks like a place to start!
Remember that acidophilus is a live culture and therefore should be refrigerated. Even when kept cool the bacteria die at a pretty fast rate, so their shelf life is short and considerably shorter when stocked on the shelves instead of in a fridge.

That said, your best bet is probably in low-sugar yogurts. I know Activa advertises live cultures but check the sugar/additives nutritional information to make sure you aren't doing more bad than good by ingesting it. The "plain no sugar" yogurt EvergreenGal mentions sounds like just the ticket.
I was able to find Bacteriofagos Lactobacilos capsules at the Pharmacy Counter at a Farmacity on Cabildo in Belgrano. The brand name is 'Totalflora' and it is produced by Roux-Ocefa. It came in a box of 30 capsules and the formula consists of: lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium bifidum, bacillus subtilis etc.... They kept them in the refrigerator at the pharmacy and even sent them home with me in a pouch with a small icepack. The hardest part was trying to get them to understand me. The male pharmacist didn't know what I was talking about and the female understood right away, so be persistent and ask more than one person. It think it was around $30 Pesos. Good Luck!
I found some at was in glass ampules and needs refrigeration. It is super strength...I believe it's usually available with prescription, though I didn't have one. It had many strains in it.
Last year i went to a farmacia and the lady knew exactly what I wanted. Acidophilus Bifidus.......was in ampules, refrigerated......keep refrig'd.
Personally, if I need this kind of thing I consult a homeopathic professional or my quiropractico.......he's in Belgrano. Can give you his practice # if you like

Thank you everyone! I have printed off the info re: TotalFlora sounds like that is the ticket or at least I have something in spanish to show folks in the pharmacy.

In addition someone else told me about Sancor Bio which is supposed to have more in it than Actimel and available in grocery stores but I have not checked it out yet.

Thank you everyone!