Activities for teenagers


Oct 15, 2008

My teenage nephew is coming to visit for a month so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend activities for minors. Such as class, spanish or other. Or just social groups.


Well, all teenagers are different, in what they like.

I have 2, and when I bring them to Buenos Aires, they are happiest if I just give em a hundred pesos and let em go. They take the subte to Florida, and buy junk. They go to the malls. They shop at Zara. They buy super panchos and candy bars and caffeinated beverages.

But they also love stuff like Peru Beach-
windsurfing, kayaking, tennis, and, of course, the above mentioned super panchos. or hamburguesas.

or Parque de la Costa

the zoo is great- dont know where your teenager is from, but mine have never seen Carpinchos up close, and they loved that you can buy a bucket of food and feed most of the animals, often right from your hand.

rent bikes in Costanera Sur.

Futbol, if so inclined.

The observatory in Parque Centenario is free on weekend nights.

There is a kids museum in the Abasto mall.
Kid puppetry building at la calle de los titeres.

Feria de mataderos is cool.

The Museo Sivori, in Bosque de Palermo, has lots of cheap classes- including some for kids-

also, teenagers, unlike a lot of the cranky adults on this forum, actually enjoy eating "crummy" pizza. Mine enjoy the fact that there is a pizza place on every block, and are willing to try em all.