Acupuncturist in BA


Mar 14, 2006
I´m looking for a good acupuncturist; Can anyone recomend one ?
If you find a good one do please let us know. I am very, very, very picky. I have been looking for a Japanese style acupuncturist for over a year. The needles are thinner - diagnosis more percise and treatment is monitored and tweaked similar to playing you like a beautiful peice of music chord by chord. I am not licensed to use needles here. I can offer you all the other tools except needles (moxa, magnets, electro-stim, heat, laser y mas) and pulse, tongue and palpitory assessment. But if you prefer needles... no es posible. I am without an office right now - waiting for the right share situation in the burbs. I also do something not yet represented in Argentina that works great for chronic pain.
VIEW YOU TUBE PRESENTATION - -let's see if this works - not my video - from a chiro in the states
I have a great accupunturist a Chinese Medicine practioner, Dr. Liu Ming on Juramento in Barrio Chino.
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