Air purifier


Apr 23, 2008
I am looking to buy an air purifier, but so far have not been successful. I looked at various appliance/electronic stores downtown (Rodo, Fravega, and Garbarino), but they didn't carry any. I had to explain that I wanted a purificador de aire for my bedroom, not the kind of fan one installs over the stove. Does anyone have any suggestions? Does an air purifier (producing neither heat nor cold) have a different name in Argentina?
I never shopped them in the States...but maybe check out Wal-Mart...they might even be able to order one in for you. I brought my own and that thing has never worked so hard..didn't have all the dust before like I get here. Ionizer is another name for them, but try and translate that one! Otherwise, have a friend or family bring one down next time they come to visit...
Good luck!
i have never bought one of them but there's a variety on mercadolibre - and mira vos! it's translated to 'ionizador' ;)
Sort of a tangent, but i have never experienced so much soot as i do living here. lots of cities have soot, but then lots of cities have emission controls and dont have cars out of a 1950s movie. have you ever seen such old trucks!
Anyway, where i would probably clean soot off a balcony once a week or so back home, i do it daily here. i went to a cafe in my area the other night, one of the smokeless nights, and sat at a cafe. the busses screamed and poured out black smoke, the trucks had tailpipes pointed at the sidewalk, washing us in pollution.
after i ate my sandwich, i touched the papers i had. in that short time, it was coated in soot. my fingers were black. imagine what this is doing to your kids, etc. And it wont get better soon. the mayor owns one of the large bus companies apparently and you dont want to be anywhere near one of his polluting monsters.
The lies change, but argentina stays the same. its not for the health conscious.
Yes JG I agree with you 100%...the dusting never ends!! I have NEVER had to dust so much, every 2 or 3 days at the longest..otherwise it looks like I never clean! No wonder so many homes have live in help..all they do is dust and clean everyday! I think the only thing saving us here is the wind...depending on which way it blows anyway.
My next trip back to the States I am going to get a few air purifiers for each room..the one in the living room is working overtime and a half! Guess it's all relative to what your used to...sadly can't miss what you've never had....
I have a beige leather coat. It was turning gradually darker since I bought it in 2003. Then I came here. It turned so dark and full of smudges in two months that I had it dry cleaned for the first time! And then it smelled like chemicals for months... I would love to hear of any success buying an air purifier here.
I have a portable air conditioner unit. The fan recirculates the air in the room if you aren't using it for coooling. I use it constantly and it does seem to make a considerable difference. I am going to start looking for an air purifier, but if one can't be located the other unit can come in quite handy. I bought mine at Jumbo and it came with a two year quarantee. It's been a breath saver for me, especially during the days of "Humo." Also, if one is staying short-term in BsAs it would be an easy resale.