Alanis Morrisette in Concert- Anyone going?


Jun 11, 2006
Alanis Morrisette will be in BA on the 12th of February and playing at the Luna Park

Is anyone else planning to go to the concert???

I want to go but none of my friends do....(can´t help if they have dont have a great musical taste :p´)

If other people want to go maybe we could go in a group???

Let me know...
I wouldn't be too interested in Alanis Morrisette but I'm going to Damien Rice in 2 weeks if anyone's interested.
I would LOVE to see Damien Rice!! Is he sold out. I arrive to B.A. on Thursday, would love to figure out tickets to this concert.
Vitathorpe I checked and re-checked....

It seems like the Damien rice show it is truly sold out.
Not even the "usual scalpers" who charge whatever they want are re-selling tickets ......

Anybody interested in going to see Alanis? There are still tickets to see that show, will be buying today or tomorrow
Thanks for checking...Thynes23 do you have an extra ticket that I could purchase from you?
Can anyone tell me how/where to get tickets to Alanis? I'm not an expat but will be in BA at this time and would love to go but can't find out where to buy them?
Thanks for that Lee.

If u have any recommendations for good places to eat, cool bars or jazz/blues/latin music venues would much appreciate it. :)