americans and luck in B.A.


Jun 6, 2005
The variety of skill and talent and stroke of luck I have come upon among americans in B.A. has been more than I could have asked for in life experience since I arrived at the start of the new year 2005.

I still find myself looking for friends and I am so glad to find this forum. After traveling around the south american continent since June 2004 i came here to hang out for a few months and use spanish consistently. I am 27 and female. I suspect women dont do the expat thing too often... I would love to talk with people about this, culture is one of my favorite topics.

One of my favorite activities is visiting some of the beautiful interior spaces of the city. Intelligent, analytical and fun conversation with people who have emotional intelligence would be super welcome by me in grand or small venues, natural or architectural settings.
Interesting comments. I hope that you will be attending today's dinner at Kansas and that you will introduce yourself as the writer of this posting.