an album that changed the world...


Jun 9, 2007
Due to the 20th anniversary of Guns N' Roses 'Appetite for Destruction' which in my opinion is one of the best records ever (if not the best), I would like to take the chance to ask the BA-expats about their favoured album(s). What are your must-haves?
I don't know who Guns and Roses is (or was), let alone "Appetite for Destruction." So whatever world it supposedly changed, well...whatever. LOL!
Hey Oliver! This is Mike remember me? Anyways I would say that the best album for me is( don't laugh it just happens to be my favorite.)"The Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance. Also me and max and his girlfriend are planning on doing something I will text you with where we will be so you can come if your not busy.
I am a music industry man, so picking up just one album is difficult for me. I thoroughly enjoyed Paul McCartney & Wings's "Band On The Run", but I am an Elvis fan, as well (I've been to Memphis 4 times... but not recently). "Aloha From Hawaii" was a milestone. First solo artist show to be broadcast via satellite to the entire world. He passed away 30 years ago, on August16th., 1977. Well, not really, I am told he owns a farm in Olavarría...CheersErnie
The album mentioned by me to start the forum, is for sure not my only favourite. Absolut must-haves in my opinion are also Nirvana 'Unplugged', Led Zeppelin 'IV', The Prodigy 'The Fat of the Land', The White Stripes 'Elephant', Johnny Cash (mmh which one do I choose here?) 'Live at San Quentin', just to name a few... I also got 'Aloha From Hawaii' in my collection. By the way, as far as I know Elvis lives in the cellar of a friend of mine in Germany, jamming with Johnny, Kurt, Jimmi and some others!?
I must add Genesis's "A Trick Of The Tail", Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side Of The Moon" and Yes's "Fragile"
Have you seen Elvis lately?. Check this out:'s seriously wrong with some people.CheersErnie
I have many many albums that would go on my favorites list but one album that was definately groundbreaking was
Donna Summer's Love to Love you.
It was the first ever sexually blatant published recording of not only provocative lyrics but very vocally simulated orgasm.(was it simulated?) apart from Je Taime (1969) recorded by Serge Gainsbourg Jane Birkin which was just a bit of breathing and ohhhhhhhing ,as the french do, even when they eat!
At the time it was banned from many many radio stations and was years ahead of other rebels such as the sex pistols
As we are in Buenos Aires and sticking to the modern theme, I would have to nominate Otras Aires. Modern workings of the classic tangos.