Any expats?


Sep 22, 2007
Any expats/living/visiting/retired in Argentina like to get together for lunch or dinner sometime in May? My husband and I are visiting for the 2nd time and are staying in the Belgrano district and would like your input as to life in Argentina.
I cannot believe there are no expats that want to get together. What has happened? Last visit there were no one!!!
there's monthly lunch organized by steveinbsas. I think the first tuesday or every month? just look for it in the forums before may and rsvp. last one we went in jan had about 20 expats.
I have dental appointments that week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Would he consider the following Tuesday?
I have just discovered messages from late 2007. So sorry I never received computer crashed just before leaving for BA. If any of you are still in Argentina, we would love to meet up with you.

I can't seem to send you a private message. So, please send me one. My husband & I would be happy to get together when you are in town.
Stella, Your account is set up so that you can't receive private messages. You might want to change that or send me your email address. :D