Anybody from US or Canada heard of Matisyahu?


Mar 8, 2006
I don't know if anybody from US or Canada keeps up with any of the up and coming music from back home. I just bought this guy Matisyahu's CD. He apparently is a Hasidic Jew who has a mixture of reggae/hip-hop/rock feel to his music. There is actually a live album and a recently released studio version album. Both do not have all of the same music except for maybe one or two songs. He has this song called a "King without a Crown". It's really good! He has been getting alot of buzz lately. A couple of years ago he was only known in the Jewish community.....Now he has a rapidly growing fanbase. It will probably be a least a year or so before he makes a buzz in South America. But he is definitely a new and refreshing artist. I am an avid music lover so I just wanted to pass on some good music to my fellow expats. You can Google him and listen to his music online. He has positive lyrics and it is just a matter of time before he goes international.