Anybody need to go to Colonia for their VISA??


May 31, 2006
Hey, I am going to need to extend my VISA by August 29th, and was wondering if anybody else needs to do so as well. I have an open ticket with BuqueBus, and am planning to go some weekend in Aug., and if anybody else needs to do the same, we may as well bunch up and grab some grub in Colonia, and then return that day. Otherwise, I'll just go on my own with a book to read, but figured there'd be others in the same situation, so why not make a day of it. Anyone interested, email me directly at [email protected], and we'll work out the best day for evryone involved. My grandmother is from Colonia, so she can tell me some good restaurants to choose from, or random shit to do. Thanks all! Diego Montemayor
I TOO have a credit from Buquebus for a trip to Colonia which I couldn`t make. It expires in November so I would also enjoy it if we can gather in a group. I`d rather travel on a mild to warm week-end though, this kind of cold weather "sucks". Please let me know what happens. Joe ([email protected])