Anyone for TENNIS?


Nov 13, 2006
I am interested in hearing from anybody who would like to play some tennis in the greater Palermo area or from those who might be able to point me in the direction of a suitable tennis club or place for pick-up games.
I am rather keen to dust off the old racket and can play any time of the day or week. I should say that I am a 28 year old guy but will gladly play with anybody.
Hey Bocawhat,
I´d be up for a game of tennis, only it would have to be outside office-hours, I´ll send you a private note with my e-mail and such...
I would be up for tennis as well. My schedule is somewhat flexible. I play an average 3.0 but have been known to step it up on ocassion.
Tennis in Argentina is increasingly popular, partly due to the success of the home grown players in major tournaments, and hopefully soon in the Davis Cup Final.
I've been playing in Palermo for around 5 years. You can play here all year round, although during Summer it can be tough under the intense sun.
There are a several clubs nearby, although private clubs such as Vilas Club in Palermo can be pricey.
Salguero Tennis, located right next to Alcorta Shopping is a good place for a game. It's open to everyone, access to courts is easier mid-week, expect to pay around 40 pesos per court per hour.
Tennis tuition is good value in Buenos Aires. There are many eager coaches, and it's a great way to improve your game whilst practising the language. Much more fun than sitting in a classroom. Let me know if you would like a game sometime, I prefer midweek mornings.
Thanks everybody for your posts - very helpful. I have sent you personal messages and/or emails.
Hopefully we can get some tennis going! Also, if you know of a reasonable coach, could you post his or her details here.