Anyone used "Atención Rápida" for new DNI & passport?

Ronnie Hotdogs

Would the delays apply for all ‘first’ DNIs?
I went and had my prints and photo taken for my DNI ‘por acto consular’ they said it would take 30 days - 30 days will be up on Friday and I’m supposed to fly Saturday.


I always thought once you get your carta de ciudadania that you must first get a DNI with your new number as a citizen. Only then you can apply for a passport because the passport has your DNI number in, and getting a new number assigned takes some time. That's why I think you cannot really do the Atención Rápida the first time. But I may be wrong.
If you apply for DNI for carta de ciudadania without DNI for foreigners, only the Centro de Atencion Rapida is processing it during the pandemic.
They work better, faster and there is no xenophobia, something you find at Paseo Colon.


Update, DNI applied on March 23, today is already printed and mailed, but not received yet.
Hi Bajo_cero2! Can you tell me what site or method do you use to obtain that information? I'm wating for my passport renewal from mid april, and I don't know where to check their status. Thank you!


Can I just go to 25 de Mayo 155 without a turno? Or do I get a turno to ask the status of the DNI?

I've tried their WhatsApp and they are not helpful there.
You do not need to go, I send my employed they already know. Just let me know when you want to check it out.


I need to change the address on my DNI (temporaria non-Mercosur), diving right into I see that the only offices with available appointments are in the various villas scattered around CABA. What gives?

As a foreigner I can't use the "atención rápida" channel?

Last time I had to do this (2019) I was able to go to Hipolito Yrigoyen in the centre of BA, but things seem to have changed.