anything like a GNC?

I just moved to Buenos AIres. I have already joined a gym and was looking to find some whey protein powder. It is readily available at any GNC or VItamin Shoppe in the US, I was hoping someone knew of a place like that where I can find some Whey. If anyone knows of any specific products that they would recommend that would be really helpful. Thanks.

Farmacity often carries some WHEY PROTEIN.
But basically they carry one brand. But still, it's a start. And Farmacities are all over the city.


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hi- i am in BA for a couple of weeks and desperately seeking whey protein powder- have you had any luck finding some? thanks
The drug store chain is called FARMACITY
You can't escape them. They are everywhere. Every major avenue has one about every 3 blocks. Their signs are Blue with Orange writing.

It's pronounced "FARM-uh-City".
I can't do anymore than tell you a 100+ places to find the stuff. I'm not going to buy the stuff for you. You're going to have to do that yourself.