Appartment in San Isidro


Jul 2, 2008
I am going to buy an 100m2, 3 room appartment in San Isidro soon and I would like to know what current home owners pay now for. I am living there with 2 persons and would think that I consume normally
Direct TV:
Expensas(per m2)
Other cost:
How much would it approx. cost to buy furniture, Electronics for a 3 room appartement, upper class style. If some home-owners who could help me with that it would be really helpfull
Thanks :)
if you are decided to buy That appartment, ask to the owner previous bills to check yourself how much ABL, water and expenses cost, because those bills won't change.
about TV cable, telephone and internet, Telecentro is offering a special service combining the 3 things by only $ARG 139, not available in all the areas, ask, or check (I'd do it for you but I'm at job and then banned that and many other web sites....grrrrrrr).
the telephono is IP, so ask about the device price also (which is not included in that promotional price of course).
about furniture, I think is impossible to say, because you know what you like and I don't. Anyway, try always in the area, because paying for carrying them uses to be expensive (in the area probably they don't charge for it) (but ask).
Hey, thanks for your reply
It´s a new building so it wont be posible. I am calculating with 1000-1200 peso for now and 25% increase annually for the next 5 years(eventhough I think prices can´t keep on going up forever)
I would like to know how other people calculate there fixed costs
I've been asking about in another forum (locals forum). Firstly they told me to do what you're doing: asking about a similar building, but none of them lived in S.I.....
but the last one told me this, I'll try to put his words in English as well as I can....
"The enterprise who built the building uses to determinate who will be at the beginning the Administrator. If that's the case, at this time there is actually an Administrator, and maybe its name is in the Boleto (first contract you sign). The Administrator would be able to estimate the Expensas, to prepare a budget. So, 1) Enterprise could ask that number for you to Administrator, 2) they can give you the Administrator contact info for asking directly.
it's easy for Administrator to estimate expensas, as the building is new there are no unexpected events because if something gets broken, Enterprise is responsible and has to repair it. As Administrator has all the info about the building (for instance, has it central heating? is that an Expensa?) he can answer you properly. I think (not me, the guy who answered me in the other forum) that a unit of such m2 in a building with more or less the same features as others I know, expensas should be aroun $ARG 3600 a year."
But I think it will be quite more, probably your building has amenities and so on. Oh well, I hope this helps.
Thanks, I know what I am going to pay for expenses. I just would like to know what others are paying.
The other costs are harder for me to estimate and that´s why I would like to hear some input from other members who own property
"CABJ" said:
Here are some numbers. Even though they are from the slums (aka Recoleta), I hope they help.

Direct TV: $150 (just about everything)

Internet: $113 (fibertel)

Telephone: $25.00 (telecom...basic rate)

Taxes: 0 (bienes personal...cost of apartment less than $300,000, so no tax)

ABL: $600 (was $200 in 2006)

Water: $26

Gas: $20

Electricity: $40-$80 (I have three mini split ac units (frio/calor 3000 ea.), but usually only use one at a time).

Expensas(per m2) $600 per month for 70m2 (were 400 in 2006) No pool.

Other cost: Cartonjero service: free

How much would it approx. cost to buy furniture, Electronics for a 3 room appartement, upper class style. If some home-owners who could help me with that it would be really helpfull;; If you shop at a place like the BA Design Center you'll pay 15-30% more than if you go to the stores in the 6000 blocks of Av Cordova (and other "local" shopping areas). Even then, don't hesitate to ask for a discount from the quoted prices, especially if you are buying multiple items at the same time. The big appliance stores will usually discount 10% if you buy several large items. When I was buying my TV, a/c's, and washing machine, the salesman also told me to wait for the week-end when I would receive an additional 5% off when using AmEx. I estimate my expenses to furnish my 3 ambiente (one bedroom plus office) apartment (2006) at about $35000 pesos, including the 3 a/c units (installed), fridge, lavasecoropas, 42" flat screen TV, DVD player. Linens, curtains, area rugs (imported), kitchen items and wall decor added about $8000 pesos.
I did shop for "antique" furniture and my ceiling light fixtures in San Telmo and the mercado le las pulgadas. Only my futon and frame and queen size mattress and somier (box spring) were purchased new. I spent a fair amount of time "comparative" shopping and it paid off. For example, I found the same antique ceiling fixtures in two shops in San Telmo. One was priced at $3000 and the other was priced at $1000. I'm sure you can guess which one I bought (for $900).
Thanks that was helpfull. You pay about 400 to 500 peso a month without expenses.
That is helpfull for me
Do you know how much the Bienes personales is for homes over de 300.000 peso for non-residents?
I just revised the "total" cost for linens, etc. as I added area rugs, curtains, and phones. Also, the portera just delivered the monthly expense bill which increased to $750 this month due to plumbing repairs in one apartment. Fortunately, these costs are shared by all. Earlier this year, repair costs to my walls due to water damage (resulting from a clogged balcony drain in the unoccupied apartment above mine) were covered in similar fashion.
About the bienes personales taexs: As of Dec 2007 AFIP changes the tax rate for foreigners without residency from .75 to 1.25% I am not sure if this assessed on the total value of the property or just the amount over 300,000 pesos. Obviously, there would be a significant difference in the two numbers. AFIP doesn't send a bill for this tax and you must have an Argentine (accountant) prepare the forms and pay the tax for you.