Dec 15, 2008
Hey all,

My mac is dying and I've got 3 weeks left on my applecare. I don't have any of the documentation they say you need...receipts etc. Has anyone tried to maneuver repairs at the apple store in BA? I'm afraid they will break my computer or do something strange and horrible...I can't afford to lose my computer as it is intrinsically linked to my income, but it's in dire need of repairs. Any advice?

Hi, I'm a laptop technician who used to do data recovery on Apple notebooks.
Back in Sydney until I left there 9 months ago, the general waiting time was 2 to 3 weeks, I don't know what it is like here in BA.

Regardless of who you take your notebook to, I would first recommend (if it's possible) that you back up all your crucial data TWICE! Not once, put it on DVDs or external drives, in what ever means possible.

If you data is crucial & If for any reason when you attempt to back up it up there is a problem getting it off, or there are any clicking sounds coming from your hard disk, then I would recommend that you stop & switch off the machine straight away, and then seek PROFESSIONAL data recovery help, please note that this is only my precautionary advice to you & is not meant to alarm you.

Most common faults with Apple notebooks are brought on by your laptop's internal circuitry running constantly at higher temperatures, this in turn in the longer term translates into secondary problems, especially bad sectors on your hard disk inside.

You may just need to reinstall your operating system & programs but you need to make sure your hard disk is not going to fail with bad sectors.

Good luck!