Are Argentines discriminatory?


Yes, just like everywhere else.
Argentinian rascism is very subtle compared to other countries . IMHO the most rascist people are the asian cultures using words to describe white people that make chinito sound like a friendly greeting . Latin people are very accepting of other people and cultures maybe too accepting as the reverse would not happen in China Japan or Korea who are very nationalistic and xenophopic .


I have been to BUENOS Aires several times over the years. Had mostly positive experiences but I did get stares and some hesitation when I went to ‘exclusive’ restaurants. At bars and clubs I found that once I offered anyone a drink they relaxed and wanted to know the unusual story of how an British tourist of African descent came to BUENOS Aires and ended up in investing in their city. I would even proceed to tell them about the unknown history of their city which in the past had a black community.
I am pretty relaxed and know how to diffuse most situations and how to maneuver around those who want provoke a confrontation to impress their friends or girlfriends.
I have sometimes ended up in places where I got a feeling that I am in the wrong place. I would simply leave while being extremely polite to all that I came in contact with. My instincts have been pretty reliable so far whether it is walking into a Palermo bar at one in the morning or an Recoleta art gallery at one in the afternoon when the sole assistant hesitates for an instant as she decides whether to let me in.

I have never felt in danger or felt threatened but I am used to the stares - some out of innocent curiosity and some given with perhaps a less benign intent. I am particularly polite to the older generation who sometimes are more apprehensive.
However I know people who have sadly been the victim of discrimination both direct and indirect in BA. Please excuse any typos.


I must say that I appreciate how friendly and courteous most Argentinians are to me as a British person who is after all, in their view, occupying part of their country. No one has upbraided me about the Malvinas or anything else. I appreciate that as a white skinned European I get an easier ride than darker skinned people. That said, I appreciate being away from the neurotic political and sexual correctness of Europe and N America where any comment is liable to be seized on as offensive to someone. Everyone is morally and emotionally policed to follow an agreed code that moral entrepreneurs wish to promote. That has not stifled but rather twisted the political discourse into populism and eg the Brexit mess where the majority of people voted not to follow the approved correct line on open borders and anyone who opposed massive congrestion of southern england as racist, whatever the cost in terms of strain on services housing transport and public medical or education services. Forcing correctness on people rather than listening to their values and views with respect and then engaging with alternative views wont get very far.