Argentina is very dangerous. I'm rethinking my plans

I love this. Very true. I'm "platense" but hubby is from Baltimore, Maryland! We ate like royalty. He's a total meat eater.look at the picture I'm attaching with this message. It speaks a thousand words.facebook_1638878381311_6873954150247305958_190021027912615.jpgfacebook_1638878381311_6873954150247305958_190021027912615.jpg
That was funny! At an average sit down restaurant in Palermo what would you expect to pay for a steak and (glass of) wine dinner? Moving to Argentina in a couple months.
I ate at a Parilla in Palermo soho, a good one but not the most expensive one. Had a ribeye (bife de ojo) and a glass of wine for 2000 pesos. Considering I got 218 exchange rate at WU, that was less than 10 bucks. You can't get a medium whopper meal with cheese for that price in the US.

Other highlights:

At one place I thought I was ordering a glass of house wine for 400 pesos... it was a bottle

Thought I order a bottle of beer for 350 pesos... and it was a bottle.. a very big fucking bottle

Went to the most expensive steak house in BA with a friend. We both got steak, a side, bottle of water, and a shared a bottle of wine.. all for around 65-70 usd. That would be about 300 in a similar quality steakhouse in the US.