Argentina small and medium size businesses face total destruction

The solution isn't complicated. Argentina just needs to live within its means and create a business climate conducive to the creation of goods and services that constitute national wealth. Exactly what the government here in Taiwan is doing very successfully with almost no natural resources to make the job easier.

Milei's problem is he's only doing the first half - forcing Argentinians to live within their means - so far. If he doesn't create a functioning economic system soon which promotes the production of wealth then Argentinians are going to clamor for a return to a lifestyle fueled by debt and peso printing.
But Milei would tell you he cannot do that- all he can do is great a legal framework for private sector to thrive…..
For those who are preaching on this forum that a economic recovery is on the way . I am still waiting for one forum member to explain the economic plan of this government in clear terms.
Howdy Perry, the word "recovery" in my mind implies a return to a previous state that is seen as a baseline healthy point. I'm curious, what is that baseline healthy point to you? Alberto's administration? Macri's administration? Menem's administration? After the 2008 property crash, many underwater property owners were waiting for a "recovery" of their home values too, but they couldn't "recover" artificial values fueled by a bubble of fraudulently underwritten loans because the true economic fundamentals at the time just didn't exist. I don't think there is a way to "recover" flagrant peso printing and pillaging of foreign reserves to prop up a bloated public sector, but perhaps somewhere in there are some true economic fundamentals. I'd enjoy hearing what you think those are and how Milei can boost them within fiscal limits.