Argentina's government (and a bot) say inflation is easing


Oct 9, 2007
It is true, and natural, that supermarket prices for many but by no means all items are going back down to more reasonable levels.
Just yesterday saw supermarket brand bottles of water on sale for ARS300 - down from ARS1000 just some weeks ago, while just across the aisle a simple pottle of yoghurt that should cost $0.70 remains like ARS1500.
Even my local café has lowered their prices on various items slightly in recent weeks.
Look at apartment rental prices and you will see these have also come down significantly from 2023 levels too.

What many people fail to understand is that when businesses set their prices, they do their own futurology to speculate what the future cost of replacing/ fulfilling/ reproducing the items they are selling today will be worth and prices in Argentina do not behave like a synchronised swimming performance, there is always huge lag and variations in prices because of this. Many simply placed a bet on a dollar at ARS2000 and are now left holding their d*ck in their hand for all to see as it was apparent they were overly pessimistic at the time, and are faced with the difficult choice of (a) swallowing their pride or (b) taking a bet on the uncertainties that still obviously remain despite promising signals which all affect prices (e.g. paritarias, logistic costs, energy costs, dollar, import and export rules, consumer financing costs and behaviours, competition risk, CEPO etc) or (c) milking the status-quo for all its worth.
Carrefour has been doing this for years, though.
Obviously, they are just putting a positive spin on their own over pricing strategy without saying they are overpriced.

In other news, INDEC has spoken. 11% inflation in March (of which 9,4% is core inflation) which with the exception of October, is lowest monthly inflation rate since August 2023.
The local Chino rolled back the price of Nutella from $8500 to $5500 pesos. It was $4500 before Milei.
Head & shoulders 350ml shampoo cost 1500 around end of November. Now it costs 8300. Can someone explain this?
Head & shoulders 350ml shampoo cost 1500 around end of November. Now it costs 8300. Can someone explain this?
Anyway, I would suggest you to shop around, as I have seen that there is no rhyme or reason with prices. Sometimes the difference in price of a given product can be 100% or more