Artist in need of High Resolution Scan or Photo


Hola amigos. I'm a professional artist living in Buenos Aires and I am looking for a place to get high a resolution scan or photograph made of one of my paintings, with the intention of eventually getting limited edition prints made. The size of the painting is 70 cm x 80 cm (approx 27" x 31"). I have been to a photo store (Casa Jose) however their scanner was to small and the photograph they took was not of a high enough quality.

If anyone knows of a place where I could get this done, or knows of, or is a professional photographer who could shoot my work I would greatly appreciate any info or help you could pass on to me. Feel free to email me directly at



You need to go to an imprenta

I've used before, they have various locations, but there are also a bunch of print houses up on Cordobe near Universidad de Palermo, and some others in I gues the Boedo area. Look on paginasamarillas for an imprenta and a bunch of websites come up, you can look through their services and choose one near to you.



Paintings are typically photographed rather than scanned. The lighting is usually two lights--one on each side of the camera at about 45 degree angles. This is done to control glare. If you light the painting head-on, you'll get glare on any glossy surfaces.

A photograph done with a digital SLR on a tripod with decent lighting should allow you to make prints as big as 40x60cm. If you need bigger prints then you would need a photographer with a medium for large format camera, which is more expensive. Sotheby's, for instance, employs photographers who work with 10x12cm negatives that show a scary level of detail.

Any professional photographer should be able to photograph the work. The lighting set-up is not complicated.

Hope this helps,


Just wanted to say thank you for the two replies. I tried 'taller4' however they were unwilling to shoot a photograph if we were not doing the printing with them. No luck at the other imprenta we stopped by either. I am still thankful for this info though 'syngirl' as an imprenta will definitely be able to help with some other things I need.

Our search has since shifted to finding a professional photographer. Thomas, thanks for your explanation of the process. If I find a good fit I will be sure to pass it on.

If anyone has any recommendations for a photographer that can shoot my work I'm all ears. Thank you.