Artist Looking For A Studio & To Connect With Other Artists


Nov 29, 2014
Hi there!
I'm new to BA and am in search of an artist studio to rent.
Ideally I would like to rent a private space in a building with other artists so I can be part of a community. I live in Belgrano R, and would be interested in finding something in the Palermo/ Soho/ Hollywood area, but am also open to places in Belgrano and Recoleta.

Does any one have any ideas / leads?

Thanks so much,
I know about a place in Abasto, panal 361. Check it out and find out if there is space available for rent.
Sometimes there is space for rent in Patio Del Liceo, which is right on Santa Fe. Its a mix of small stores, (art books, music, clothes, designer objects) and studio spaces.
Also, there is a big building with a lot of studios right behind Konex- its owned by the same people who own Konex, and it has several dozen spaces, including a gallery space that the resident artists use.
Its on Jean Juares.
Closer to you, there are definitely some artist buildings in Collegiales.