May 26, 2007
Anyone know where I can get porridge oats ( Avena ) from.
They sell a ground up powder in Disco, and I can get small packs from Coto or Jumbo, but the pack will only do two breakfasts. At home we buy it by the kilo. There must be some hungry Scots out there who know.
Leader Price have the widest choice that I have found in the supermarkets. Quaker brand comes in 400g card cartons and is expensive. Leader Price's own range includes a simple rolled oat in 500g bags at around AR$4.50.

When I make an old-fashioned English-style syrup tart I use rolled oats but the nearest thing that I can find to Lyles Golden Syrup is Miel de Caña which is runnier and has a slightly different taste. I don't want to pay megabucks for real Lyles syrup but if anyone knows of an easily available closer equivalent, I'd be interested.
Hausbrot has Avena that they call Gruesa... large flake. I tend to disagree with that definition but it's pretty much the best I've found. I hate instant oatmeal at home, and I guess the "avena fina" is their version of that here... Hausbrot have both in 1/2 kg bags, in dieteticas you can buy it wholesale usually. In Natural Deli you can find a "variety" (ie 3 different brands, maybe) of Avena.

Don't even think about steelcut... I've never seen it here. If I'm underweight when I travel back from Canada I usually bring a couple of kilos of oatmeal!
The Chinese shops in the Barrio Chino (Belgrano) have a good selection as well and prices are OK.