average temperature charts for buenos aires


Feb 10, 2007
please keep in mind these are averages. winter can drop colder 30 F and summer can be 104 F

Records and Averages for Buenos Aires.

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MonthAvg. HighAvg. LowAvg. Precip.January83.5° F68.5° F3.90 in.February81.3° F67.5° F4.20 in.March77.5° F64.2° F4.90 in.April71.2° F58.3° F3.50 in.May64.9° F52.7° F2.80 in.June59.0° F47.1° F2.20 in.July58.1° F46.8° F2.40 in.August60.6° F48.4° F2.60 in.September64.2° F51.3° F2.60 in.October69.6° F56.1° F4.40 in.November75.6° F61.2° F4.10 in.December80.8° F65.8° F3.80 in
diego7david said:
please keep in mind these are averages. winter can drop colder 30 F and summer can be 104 F

The problem with averages are that they are averages, as you say. Here is some data from http://www.wunderground.com on maximums and minimums over twelve months (April 1 to March 31) ending in the following years (all in C). The first set are a Jorge Newberry/Aeroparque Airport on the river, north edge of BsAs near Palermo, Recoleta, and most other places mentioned for visitors/expats. The second set is at EZE, the international airport much farther inland, south of town (1 to 2 hours transport time from the above locations)

April 1, 2008 to March 31
2009: 35, -2 / 36, -2
2008: 33, 0 / 36, -5
2007: 33, -27 / 35, -2
2006: 33, -20 / 36, -20
2005: 33, -21 / 37, -26
2004: 30, -15 / 32, -2
2003: 35, 1 / 36, -5
2002: 33, 2 / 46, -1

Clearly some data errors in there, as all of the -20s and -15 are not valid, nor is the 46. The others show that the maximum record *temperature* at either location is 37C = 98F. The lowest temperature is -5C = 21F. Higher and lower temperatures are recorded more inland, farther from the stabilizing effect of the water.

Equally clearly, humidity plays a huge role in what it *feels* like. Thus most places report the temperature as ST (Thermic sensation, heat index, feels-like temperature, whatever you want to call it). Those numbers can get up to 40C (104F) or more.