BA offers good food, beautiful buildings and parks to explore


Oct 9, 2007
For a touristy, travel-guide level magazine article, this is actually not bad at all. I don't know about the "tango until dawn" part, but it was mostly accurate, within the limits of my knowledge, though I've never been to most of the fancy-pants restaurants she describes. The picture at the top of the article made me hesitate, but it is indeed an obelisk, though obviously not the actual Obelisco.

Overall, I'd say the author did well, and where she has perhaps exercised some small measure of artistic license, it's forgivable. Like the rest of us, she has to pay the rent/mortgage and feed herself somehow.

Being the sarky HDP that I am, it occurs to me that it might be fun to write a parody of this sort of thing, like -

"in scenic Villa 21-24 echo the joyful cries of the half-naked children playing happily along the scenic banks of the Riachuelo"

"Offering the hardcore culture aficionado a truly authentic experience, extending even to a chance for the lucky guest to be robbed and maybe even stabbed at 3am in the parking lot outside this quaint little boliche"

Sort of like P.J. O'Rourke's seminal work, Holidays in Hell
The White Obelisk, Piramide de Mayo is located as indicated in Plaza de Mayo...!

Must try the Picachu? or Pikachu at La Cocina .

Recomended by La Cocina customers

Yes, my friend, that's true. You are, as always, impeccably well informed.
But nothing in Argentina can ever be simple eh?

"Hey, Argentina, when is your Independence Day?" "Which one?"
"Hey, Argentina, what is your exchange rate?" "Which one?"
"Hey, Argentina, where is Buenos Aires?" "Which one?"
"Hey, Argentina, how do I get to Avellaneda?" "Which one?"
"Hey, Argentina, where is your Obelisk?" "Which one?"

And on, and on, and on, and on.....