BA Pink Drinks, Thursday 16 October, 20.00, Flux Bar, Marcelo T de Alvear, 980


Jul 22, 2008
Sorry for starting a new thread but just in case you haven't read to the end of the Gay in BA thread.

Thanks for all the messages, I'm delighted with the response. The Pink Drinks are on. The details are below:

BA Pink Drinks
Thursday 16 October, 20.00
Flux Bar, Marcelo T de Alvear, 980
Flux. Un gay bar cool en Buenos Aires

Join us for an informal gathering at the Flux Bar. I'm not anticipating a huge crowd but enough to make it a fun evening and a good way to meet new people. I haven't made any special arrangements with the bar as I don't think we will be vast in numbers.

Please feel free to bring along any gay, lesbian or friendly people who might like to come. It's very casual.

I can be contacted on my cell if you need any more information, the number is: 1132357625 or you can email at [email protected]

Hope to see you there.

Thanks for your efforts here. I will certainly be there with BOTH my friends Best
Don't forget, this is THIS Thursday. Hopefully see some of you there!
I was there with a friend. Didn't see any expats

It isn't necessary to post an annnouncement for a gay expat group on the sides of buses, but you should list it on every expat website and in the BA Herald.