Bajofondo Naranjo y Flor


Jun 20, 2006
I did not like this song at first instance comparing to the original classic of the same name . Over time I saw that it was innovative and now I have to say I like it a lot .

Primero hay que saber sufrir,
después amar, después partir
y al fin andar sin pensamiento.
Perfume de naranjo en flor,
promesas vanas de un amor
que se escaparon con el viento.

Después, qué importa del después
Toda mi vida es el ayer
que me detiene en el pasado
Eterna y vieja juventud
que me ha dejado acobardado
como un pájaro sin luz.

Dolor de vieja arboleda,
canción de esquina,
con un pedazo de vida,
naranjo en flor


Orange Blossom

First it's necessary to know suffering,
then to love, later to leave
and then walk without thoughts.
Orange blossom scent,
vain promises from one love
that escaped with the wind.

Later, what does it care?
All my life is Yesterday
who retains me in the past
Eternal and old youth
Who left me intimidaded
Like a bird without light...

Pain of old trees,
Song of corner,
with a piece of life,
Orange blossom
Naranjo en Flor was written when Homero Expósito was only 17. I loved it when I found it out!