Bangkok vs BA


Mar 7, 2008
My husband and I are planning to move to BA later this year or early next year. We'll be moving to set up a branch for the company we work for.
We've been in Bangkok for the last 3 years, and I'm wondering if there's anybody there in BA that has lived in Bangkok and can share their thoughts/comparisions. It seems to me that the cost of living in BA is along the same lines as Bangkok, especially considering the the strenght of the Thai baht against the US Dollar now.
I'm interested to see what you found to be similar or different in regards to price, as well as things like safety, getting around on public transport, etc.
Also, if anyone has any advice or a company they can recommend for setting up a business, it would be much appreciated. We'll also have to look into commercial space to rent for an office, so advice there would be great too.
i have lived in both places. quality of life is better in BA, BKK can get downright wierd at times. Prices are about the same, although with the dollar tanking against the baht, i'd say BA may offer a slightly better value. BKK is more business friendly than BA, but i feel BA is growing more business friendly - many foreigners are setting up small businesses all the time. both are safe cities, but personally i feel more safe in BA than in BKK. You won't find that seedy element that is all througout Thailand in BA. feel free to send me a personal note if you would like more info. good luck!