Bauen Suite Hotel on Corrientes....ok??


Feb 11, 2008
I have friends from the states coming down in September for a music festival they will be part of....their hotel was lined up for them...The Buaen Suite Hotel on Corrientes... right in downtown....from the website it looks nice...anyone know of it...stayed there..opinions of the area?
Thanks for any replies!
It has a long revolutionary history. If I am not mistaken, hotel employees expropriated it from rightful owners and started to manage it themselves.And for a while it was a model for socialist/leftist parties on how things should be done, they frequently rent conference hall for their meetings.Can not comment on rooms etc. The area used to be OK. When walking it's better to take Corrientes towards Obelisco, or Callao towards Recoleta.
Thanks Igor...just got a new email this a.m., can you suggest any hotels close to the Baune Suite that are nice?
I was there for a cultural event a couple of years ago. It seemed nice then. The hotel is one the many "empresas recuperadas" [factories or businesses that filed for bankrupcy and were kept going through the effort of their employees; today it's a coop, and coops have always been very common throughout Argentina]
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