BBC special on Argentina on right now!


Jun 30, 2006
There´s a BBC special on Argentina on right now!
11:30am Friday

"Survivor´s Guide to Work"

It´s about the recovery after the great crisis of 2001.
You can see how people are struggling to survive.
They show the "behind the scenes" of certain government plans that seem to be working to help save jobs and therefore prevent more crime and poverty.

It also shows some "cartoneros" and what they do with all the stuff they pick up.

Repeats at 6:30pm and 8:30pm tonght.
Its repeated at:

0430 GMT, Friday 13th November
Repeated: Friday at 0930, 1430, 1830, 2130 and 2330 GMT

Take 4 hours off GMT for arg time i think !
My previous girlfriend (although I don't know if we dated long enough for her to consider herself that) does building restoration, but she dresses like a cartonero/a. I told her that even though she dresses this way, I still thought she was cute. It worked. It's just that other stuff I did bugged the living s--- out of her.

But don't knock cartoneras. There are usually two to three cute cartoneras in each tribe.
is it on BBC world or on the BBC in the UK?
This might be interesting to watch if a link can be found sometime in the future..
BBC World,
Channel 608 on Cablevision-Multicanal
it´s on again right now.
Repeats 20:30 local time.