BBQ this Sunday (9/20)?


Apr 19, 2009
Hey guys!

Anyone up for a Burger-Q this Sunday. Weathers getting nice, and there are some new folks in town!

All it would take would be a few folks who wanna come and we'll make it happen!


Thanks again David, for the hosting for the BBQ....

Count us in for two.....

Neil y Liliana
Im arriving Friday, I guess I count as one of those new people, would love to bbq.
Hey guys
It seems like enough folks are interested, so let's do it!
Anyone who wants to come is invited, and I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting some new ones!

Info here:

Youse guys bring drinks and whatever else you feel like, I'll supply the burgers and fixin's !

Please RSVP if you plan to come, so I can steal enough buns from Carrefour for everyone!


See ya Sunday - (about 3:00?)

Hi David.

Thank you for the invitation to the newbies.

I have been in Bs As on and off over the last 6 years, but have had little time for socializing while here due to my relative short visits. I now find myself planning to stay here for some time and would love to meet some of the people on this forum.

I look forward to Sunday.

Best regards,
Hi David,

I moved to Buenos Aires recently and would love to meet new people in town. The BBQ sounds lovely, pls count me in!

Neil, Meta, Clau, et. al.

Look forward to seeing you all, and whoever else is up fer it!

Thanks for the RSVP's - how about the rest of youse guys?


I'm back in town and can't wait to taste those delicious burgers and enjoy
the great company....There will be 2 of us. See ya then!
Hi Dave, very generous of you to host this BBQ.

Assuming that you don't bar my wife and I for apparently bringing the rain over with us from Ireland.. we'd love to come along ;-)

See all of of sunday,
Mark y Jessica