best burger in BA


Dec 27, 2008
with all this amazing beef here, has anyone found an amazing burger?

we left the states a year ago and have yet to find a really great burger (aka like a $8 gourmet burger not mcdonald´s).
not an amazing burger but a pretty decent one that makes one feel like its a usa made burger is at hard rock cafe in buenos aires design
gosh you got me to reread their menu somewhat to see if they were open new years as they are close to me and i think getting home that night from anywhere is going to be impossible but got hungry for burgers a mix of reg and black angus beef hickory smoked bbq sauce bacon swiss cheese carmelized onions chipoltle hot sauce blue cheese american cheese reg 7 ounce jumbo 12 oz hmmm plus a hagan daz chocolate milk shake
Kansas: $25 peso hamburger, and they have a couple of different ones on offer (the plain, the cheeseburger, etc). Their chicken fingers are pretty good, they have potato skins as well. Happy hour is from 6 - 8 or 9, Coronas are about 4 pesos each then and a Kir Royal is 8 I believe. Get there early as it gets packed.
I've still never been to Kansas (the restaurant), but that review has me itching to check it out.
i'm there WAY too often -- not for the food to be honest, but the cheap drinks at happy hour! My girlfriends and I live about 5 mins away so we end up meeting up there on friday evenings. They have a nice terraza and the service is great (the restaurant is American and somehow even get almost that level of service!) -- it's definitely a good place to check out on a hot afternoon/evening and then maybe stay for a dinner after. They have bbq ribs too -- I think they're 50 pesos though! The prices definitely seem a bit high for "American" food but you can't get much authentic americn stuff here so if you have a craving then it's worth a visit!
Steakandshake, originally founded in Normal, Illinois in the 50's still has the best burgers I've ever tasted.

"In sight it must be right." and "It's a meal." still are true. (They used the "whole" cow.)

Face it, we're not in burgerland, but that isn't so bad.
dan at, has had a fairly comprehensive review of the burger in buenos aires somewhere in his archives online