Best Tracks ever


Jun 20, 2006
One of mine is Santanas Aquamarine. Enjoy the peace of this mindopening instrumental.
Some Greek songs are forever etched in my mind due to my upbringing. These are interesting classics . The first one Never on Sunday sung by Melina Mercouri is one of those. The second one is from Zorba the Greek with Anthony Quinn who I believe played Zorba better than any Greek ever could and his performance is in the top three of the last 100 years of cinema.
Now this next song, this was our attempt at an American Pie or a Hotel California. We wanted it to be played in supermarkets everywhere. It’s a song about finding yourself in a hole and deciding to decorate it and hang around for 6 or 7 good years. This is a song called Everything Is F**ked
This a love song for anyone in love, grab their partner's hand and squeeze it tight because tomorrow they might not be there. This is called, I've been walking around a long time and my shoes are worn out and my pants are falling down, I've got holes in my britches, but you are the last horse on my sand.
This song rises up like a Leviathan out of the silence - its a perfect album opener, presaging the enormity of what is to come. I'm so glad I was 17 when one of the greatest albums of all time was released. I'm not sure I would have even gotten in to music if it wasn't for this band.

The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored