Beware of BA computer virus!


Jul 27, 2006
Perhaps its time those who post here that they are "moving to BA" without ever even having visited to GET REAL.

Wake up! You have been infected with a computer virus.

You have found posts such as:

I first read this post 30 months ago!

It was true then.

It isn't true now.

Come for a visit (up to six months with NO illusions of working).

You WILL find it cheap here compared to Europe.

But it isn't as cheap as you think, especially if you try to make a "living" here...or stay longer.

The only things that are "cheap" here (if you've read my other posts) are art, wine, and beer.

Take home a painting for your folks if you like.

But please, buy it if and when you are sober.
The article was posted dated 2002. Maybe MSN and other news articles can update retiring in BA articles...with a title Watch Out for INFLATION!
Yes, criswkh, you have the correct date, but in the past week pdxuser found that article and even thought (hoped) that the $5 price for a three course lunch was in pesos and still was the current price...

As we know, it just isn't so....and never was (in pesos).
there was an article in Wired recently about a couple of HTML *engineers* (ha!) who were traveling around in an camper van - connecting to free wireless etc to work and pay there way around - a tall story I imagine.

However, it seems that it has encouraged a load of young people to follow their dreams...