Beware of deceitful unreliable agencies


Oct 31, 2008
Hi all you,

I wanted to let you know that I have rented an apt from

The ad goes as following very comfortable flat in a quiet buenos aires neighbourhood "Es un barrio muy tranquilo rodeado de plazas y parques" Cabildo and Teodoro Tranquilo???????? LOL!

1) First Big lie: The neighbourhood by all means can never be called "tranquilo", but as if this wasn´t enough the flat is located near a construction site (which was very very well covered that day I came to the area and hence difficult to detect and anyway they had alredy taken that I signed a reserve option so that I couldn´t go back before having visited the apt.), I have never endured so many noises at all hours, they start 6 am. and work through late Saturday.

Being a porteña, as I am, I am very well trained in Baires noises´ but those of this construction site go beyond all limits, there is sthg sort of a "torno" should I say "drill" (we call this in spanish to the dental machinery that is applied into your mouth when you have a cavity, and which hurts, I ignore the english equivalent) that makes all the furniture and almost the walls vibrate, the torno´s feeling is like undergoing San Francisco´s I don´t remember the date ....earthquake (if not mistaken it was sthg within very high Ritcher´s scale). Imagine the torno in your mouth but then translate it into a construction machinery site into your bedroom, head, bones and then raise it to the power of 1,000000000000000000000000. The torno´s strike hour is like 6 AM.

2) Second Big lie: All expenses included, but when the time comes to sign the lease you find yourself that you have a top of 20$ for Edenor, $ 20 Aguas, etc which makes you laugh, since for all those just landed, $ argentine pesos 20 don´t even cover, if not mistaken, the Edénor´s nor Aesa (Aguas Argentina´s) taxes, so how can you ad. " all expenses included"?
Hello...........are they thinking that all gringos are so stupid? NO. I know this is not the case. So when I argued about this clause, the woman in charge of this agency answered nonchalantly "oh but foreigners do know" well for all of those who don´t know, beware of the ads that go "all expenses included" double check the "letra chica"

3) Third Big lie: Double check the location, the ad follows "muy cerca de Cañitas donde hay gran variedad de bares y pubs" "very close to Canitas" (I´m on Cabildo al 1000)...hello....................? Close to Canitas? I´m 20 or 30 blocks away. This is very close? Do we speak the same language Ms. Temp.Rent?

4) Unconstitutional clauses:
beware of clauses the sort of "The owner reserves the right to inspect your property whenever he wants"
This type of clauses break the private property guarantee in Argentina -as stated in our Constitution- and as an "inquilino" you have "el uso and goce of the cosa locada". To put it simply, as a renter you have the right to use and enjoy the rented "thing" (thing in the Codigo Civil´s language would be "apartment" in this case), having the right to use and enjoy the apartment, nobody can lawfully enter while you are there (legally there, we understand), unless the owner breaks the law. I made Ms. Temp. Rent scratch out this clause. This is not a hotel!

Keep you posted. Ah, I forgot never let yourself be pressured by the following addagio
"No you can´t visit it because it is taken up, there is a tourist right now, BUT if you don´t reserve it right now then by tomorrow it is gone" LOL! Gone? Who would have chosen this......?

Only sbdy as me, who thinking that being local, I know the rules and I let myself be trapped in...

Yes so many of you are right folks sometimes, argentines think they know it all...but we don´ every clause, take your time, take it easy, inspect the area before signing in for a reservation fee, etc, ect all precautions are necessary to avoid that your stay be altered radically.

By tomorrow´s torno´s strike time, I will be jogging in Palermo or roaming along Cabildo, I wonder if Starbucks at Lacroze is open by that hour....Anyone want to join me:)?

Yes some of you were right, there are some very unreliable people out there in this country but as the song goes "there is good and bad in every where" and it´s not against any particular foreigner, I have that feeling when I read some of your posts that foreigners think this is an argentine paranoia against americans or whatever, but this is the rule among argentines, just as myself caught in a big lie

Enjoy your weekend!
and cheer for Del Potro in Mar del Plata! Anybody knows where I can follow the game in this area? Impossible where I´m staying the torno won´t pardon:)