Blue Moon Beer


Apr 15, 2007
Probably a long shot, but has anyone seen Blue Moon beer imported here???
Bar or Store?

There is a bar on Sarmiento near Rodriguez Pena that has over 50, if not a hundred different imports. It is in the back of a passage way, from Corrientes. (Kind of a mini-mall that opens into a courtyard near some theater.

I don't know about a store, but if a bar is ok, then this place almost definitely has it. I'll do more research for the name and exact address.
I went by that bar that I was looking for and it turns out that the name is CRUZAT.

Cruzat Beer House (Paseo La Plaza)

Sarmiento 1617 - Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Tel: 6320-5344

And apparently it takes all credit cards.

Cafes especiales, cafes frios, 9 tipos dedesayunos y meriendas. 11 estilos de cerveza artesanal tiradas, 70 marcas de cervezas artesanales de todo el país, importadas, vinos, tragos con cerveza y amplia carta de tragos.
So they have:

-9 different breakfast options
-11 different artesanal beers "tiriadas" (On Tap?)
-70 different international beers (they are NOT all "artesanal")

And other food options are...

Tapas, 24 opciones de tapas para elegir, 6 tipos de tablas de fiambres y quesos, ahumados, 4 estilos de picadas, fondue de queso, bruschettas, pizzettas,ensaladas , cocina tradicional, pastas caseras, sandwiches, hamburguesas, de pollo, chivitps estilo uruguayo. Postre: postres, copas heladas, ice cream, milk shake.

I still haven't eaten there or had a beer there, but I walked by today and they seemed to have a lunch special of: Bondiola sandwich, with fries, and a "red beer" for AR$15.

It is on Sarmiento between Montevideo & Rodriquez Pena in the back of Paseo La Plaza which is across from Teatro Presidente on Corrientes.

So there you go.
Muchas gracias!!! I work right by there so I will check it out....