Born in Argentina, grew up in Australia- returning...


Aug 19, 2008
Hi everyone,
I'm so glad to find this site! I was born in BA but grew up
in Australia. My Spanish is very good, but it's much easier to speak
& write in English! As long as I speak shorter sentences- other
Argies will say that I still sound like a local.

Anyway, I'm coming back to my place of birth in a few weeks & even though I
have good family ties there, it's funny- I feel
that I need to hear from the English speakers to get a true sense & feel of
the place & this site is so remarkably resourceful & rich with local knowledge.

I'm going to be learning a lot about my home city from this site!
And I hope once settled in, that I can be of help & assistance to
others on this site. I look very much like a local but I have an
Aussie accent, so it'll be interesting maybe if I get to hang
out with some of you expats, cause in a weird way- although I
have family here & they are tremendously helpful with all the
local knowledge- I'll be feeling like a foreigner in my own country &
I'll feel more at home with the English speaking expat community than
with my own paisanos.

I'm eager to make use of my brand new Argentine passport for the
very first time ever. Again, I'm so relieved to know this site &
read your posts! I hope to be able to get to know some of you there.
I'm cautiously excited about coming back! Best wishes to all!
Hey Ricardo,
I am an Australian and have been working in BA it will be interesting for you I think coming back!!!
I am sure you will have a blast though!
Hey Ricardo yes there are other aussies out there so come & meet us for a drink when you get here. My friend has a great expat bar in Barrio Norte we can meet at - Casa Bar, Rodriguez Pena 1150. Loads of expats go there so I think it will be perfect for you to meet people. Good luck with your move & see you soon.