My experience with Botox here was not good. In fact, the place I went to is not there anymore. But where ever you may find to service you, make sure they open a new bottle for you and not use one that is already opened, which happens a lot. The price is the same and the results do not last half as long. Sorry couldn't be of more help. Good luck!
For several months I have been going to MSK center for botox and mesotherapy with Dr. Marcela Karpicius and it's pretty good. It's on Avenida Libertador, esq. Scal. Ortiz, and the phone number is 4803-9212.
Previously I went to a clinic on Florida and they f****ed my face up. They supposedly used Dysport but it must have been cut with something and under my eyes the skin was red and burning for 3 weeks. I still have very faint brown marks 6 months on....
At MSK, you can ask to see the bottle and explain you've had bad experiences and are nervous. They won't mind.
Best luck,
I am interested in the experiences of those who seek out invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures - it is a key question asked by my clients visiting BA.

I know, I know, that you think this is not merely my professional curiosity – please indulge me. When and if we meet, you will know that I am a hopeless case. I will, in return, post my clients’ views – with their permissions of course. I once inherited a cosmetic surgery business and slimming clinic when buying a primary care business in the UK. They were hugely profitable, but from a medico-legal perspective, in a litigious country, dangerous to core business. I have never been a fan, but I would like to share your kind advice.
Do you know if it cheaper to get botox in BA than in England? I am thinking of having soem done. Plus does anyone know anywhere good for a facial peel?
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