Bras: big cup sizes


Jul 15, 2008
I know there have been several posts about finding bras, but none have directly answered my question. In UK sizes I wear a 36FF. I think that is a 36H in the US. Am I going to be able to find what I need in BA, or do I need to come armed with lots of extras? (I don't care if they are lacy and sexy--I just want to make sure they give the support I need).

Thanks :)
Bring all you need! Here cupsize only goes up with back size & not further than a D equivalent.
I agree with Celia on this one. Bring all your supplies with you. Especially the brands that you like (comfort, fit ) because it is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Cheers!
Having visiting about 40 shops looking for E-cup I would agree with previous ones, bring bras for all of your stay!!!!!
They must sell them somewhere but so far I have not located those shops. When you ask "do you have big sizes" they say that sure, it really means D-cup at max, nothing bigger. I'm lucky to return home before I run out of my stock ;o)