British students getting into university?


Jan 15, 2009
[FONT=&quot]I m not British, I m a fully argentine who use to live and study abroad and now is back in BA because decided to get my degree in here.
I m struggling to validate my A levels with the ministry of education, so I can then register for university, they seems not know much about this. Right know the ministry is on holidays until february and there is nothing I can do. I tried to ask during the last week of december, they promised to analyze my situation and call me, but again I have to wait until february.
It shouldn’t be so hard, but what I think is they dont understand how british system works because is too much different than what argentinians universities ask. Here students do not apply for college, they only need to register once they finished high school doesnt matter which grades they got. But abroad you must have certain A levels to be accepted.

I hope I m going to solve this ASAP, I already contacted everyone even if they couldnt help me and I will keep doing it.

Just I would love to know if any british or someone who went to a british curriculum school as me has already deal with the same procedures? Is anyone right now happy in college?[/FONT]
Lots of people have come back to Argentina with European High School Diplomas and studied in University here....

There are 2 steps: 1) Legalization
2) Convalidation

1) Legalization:
All European countries as well as Argentina are signatories of the The Hague Convention which recognize each others public documents (including education diplomas) thus making it a bit simpler:
You just need to have your Diploma legalised in the country where you got it (apostille of The Hague )as well legalised at the Argentine Consulate of that country... and then I believe it is legalized in Argentina

With this first step in tow you can already register in a University an start studying....

2) Convalidation- That is the recognition of the overseas Diploma as equivalent to a national Diploma and more complicated - you will your certificados analiticos etc.... more info

If you don´t do this step you can study but when you graduate you will have written in the back of your degree that "This Diploma is invalid in Argentina"
(because it was not convalidated which is terrible if you are planning to stay and work here- so do this as soon as you can)

Good Luck.
Thanks for the info, but I already knew it.

My school(a british school in the state of Kuwait) does not hand any diploma. Just a certificate of the years I completed, this one has been legalized by the argentine consulate of the country. And then an academic transcript that I could not legalize.
Also I have the certificates from the A level exams board such as Cambridge or Edexcel, dont know if this is that what I need.

Thanks anyway for your reply, I hope to start the legalisation in february so I can begin the semester in march.
Welcome back to the clusterfuck of red tape known as "Argentina".

If you find ANYTHING that works smoothly, don't hesitate to post.

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