Buenos Aires ass ATM restrictions


Jun 24, 2008
Okay. I totally understand that there are a million posts about how crap the ATM limits are and the reasons behind it all, but I'm a little confused! I've tried citibank, but I have a visa debit card so no go! Every link ATM I went to, only 320 peso max withdraw! HSBC let me withdraw 600 pesos and then I waited an hour and another HSBC let me withdraw another 600 pesos. And lastly, I even tried to buy some dollars at Banco Piano ( it was PACKED) and had no luck as my card is only a llyods(U.K.) visa debit card and not a visa credit card.

Is there anywhere that will let me withdraw at lease 1200-1500 pesos in one sitting? Is sending money to myself via western union a better option? Is there any other advice about withdrawing money here in BA? I don't know if my bank account can cope with all these multiple withdraw fees! please help!

Thomas Allgood :(
first check your bank at home hasn't imposed a 'fraud' restriction on your account and what your actual daily limit is at home - this is what it should be here.

then try both the 'credit account' option at the ATM and then the 'checking account' option - its a mystery what the differences are but deliver money to the same card (my card) in a different amounts.

try HSBC on Las Heras or Callao - I withdrew 1400 pesos in one go yesterday.
Fishface, What type of card do you have? How did you withdraw 1400 pesos? Because I've tried everything you've mentioned. My bank knows I'm down here. I'm scared I'm going to be arrested for kicking in every ATM I try at. I'll have to try your HSBC on Callao. Where abouts is it on Callao?